Hitting the Road

I am supposed to be packing right now.
We are hitting the road tomorrow...after the Awards Assembly at school. We have to be in Idaho Falls on Friday morning for a wedding. It would be a lot less stressful if we just left very early in the morning, but the kiddos really want to be at school for their awards. So we won't leave until after it is over.
Why? I am not sure.
I am going to be updating our trip on Twitter.
Do you follow me on Twitter or Facebook?
And I am taking my laptop with me so I will be posting from my summer home.


  1. have a great trip. Hope you have lots of fun, and enjoy the cooler temps. I'll have to double check to see if I'm following you.

  2. Oh please drive careful! I would give anything to be going with you...to the reception and to your summer home! Hey, do you and sis want a visitor this summer! You're gonna have a great time...enjoy!

    I know your kids are going to walk away with tons of awards tomorrow. I don't blame them for not wanting to miss the ceremony!

    I don't use facebook or twitter. Just blogging for me.

  3. Be careful! Is Hubba Bubba coming along for the drive? No I don't do Twitter, but you know I follow facebook.
    Talk to you soon. Enjoy the cool fresh air for me & take lots of pictures..
    And again drive carefeul!

  4. Have a safe trip and fun at the wedding. Love the bike with the bucket, what a cool idea, I'll have to check it out!

  5. Only Facebook...
    I can follow you there
    ANYWHERE YOU GO!!!!! I can not wait to see you!
    Be safe!
    Have fun at the awards ceremony...