Happy 7th Birthday Roo

7 Facts about Roo:

1. She was my smallest baby weighing 5lbs 14oz. Both Boyz weighed over 9lbs when they were born and Roo was so tiny I was afraid to hold her.


2. She is very kind and really concerned about how others are feeling.

Picture 023

3. She has usually been able to get what she wants…but in a quiet, soft way.

Picture 025

4. She is very giggly.

smiling rachel

5. She would love to have a horse. (What is it about horses and little girls?)


6. She is learning to enjoy new adventures and trying new things.


7. She is definitely a girly girl.


Happy Birthday Roo!

I love you so much and I am so glad I am your Mom!


  1. She truly is just the sweetest, prettiest thing! Happy Happy Birthday Roo!

    Lene, how was the wedding? I'm so anxious to hear all about it! I bet you're having the best time with sis and her family already! You guys are the best!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. Happy Birthday Roo!!! Your al doll! And don't worry I STILL want a horse! Hope you guys are having fun.
    Hey- I no longer have to go to girls camp!! Woo hoo!!!! I am so relieved....

  4. she looks like such a princess in that last picture. happy birthday to a sweet girly girl!

  5. She's darling! Happy birthday Roo!

    I have fully-clothed tub picture of my littlest girl too. So fun. She looks like a cute little character.

  6. Happy Birthday Roo!
    I am so happy you are spending it at our house!

  7. Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoyed your birthday in Idado with all of your cousins...I can't believe you are 7 already...Time flies....

    cousin Judy