Chaos On The Road

On Thursday the 28th of May we started our summer vacation.

But before we could get on the road we had to go to the kidlets Award Ceremony for school. We really wanted to just get on the road, but I am glad we stayed for the awards.

Einstein made it on the Principal’s List for all four quarters of this school year. It is quite an achievement and he received the Outstanding Academic Excellence Award. It comes with a trophy, a letter and certificate from President Obama. He was very excited.


This was Big J’s last year at the elementary school and all the 4th and 5th grade students were given trophies. Our school mascot is the lion and the trophy had the saying “Once a Lion always part of the Pride”. Next year our school district is starting a middle school for just 5th and 6th grade students.


We had the suburban loaded so as soon as the assembly was over we were ready to go. We left our house at 11am.

IMG_9921 IMG_9920 IMG_9922

Since Big J has the tendency to get car sick I drugged him up with Benadryl. This is what he looked like soon after.


And this is what he looked like when he woke up a few hours later. Do you think I may have given him a little too much?


We had about a 15 hour drive ahead of us so we didn’t plan on making many stops. We had our required snacks so we were ready.


I think the drive on the Navajo Nation of northern Arizona is amazing. It is so beautiful.

IMG_9938 IMG_9943 IMG_9954-1

We really had a long day on the road.


But we had great weather with beautiful cloudy skies.

IMG_9957-1 IMG_9982 IMG_9980-1 IMG_9979-1

I can’t even tell you how many times I heard “Are we almost there?”

This was an extremely long day for LaLa and she wasn’t enjoying it at all…

until she saw these “pink” mountains in Utah. They kept her happy for awhile.


Big Daddy stayed alert and drove all day and part of the night. We pulled into my sister’s our summer home about 1am the next morning. We got the kidlets all settled in and back to sleep and ready for the fun to begin.


  1. hehehehe
    I agree the Navajo Nation is amazing in the daytime, but you can not get me on that stretch of road at night...I am still terrified of SkinMen!

  2. OMG...what are skinmen?

    What a looooong drive but so worth it I'm sure. Enjoy the time at your summer home!

  3. skin walkers! the men that change into animals and run along your car while your driving?? yea i grew up in winslow, did you go through payson?

  4. Sounds like your summer got off to a great start. What smart kidlets you have. Good for them.

  5. What a stinking long drive with all your kids! I can't believe you didn't break the drive up somewhere...
    Ok- I never ever heard the term Skinmen - skin head yes, but not skin men. Glad Mary told the definition. But it sounds like something from Twilight..
    Enjoy your summer home. I sure hope your maid & house keeper keep up on all your meals for you & the nanny watches the kids so you can read all the books you can get your hands on...