Casa De Chaos Catch-up

It hasn’t been that long since I did a post, but it feels like forever. This is what we have been up to:

On Saturday Big Daddy’s sister invited us to join their family for a movie here:


It had been forever since I had been to a drive-in and the kiddos haven’t ever been. I don’t know why we don’t think about going more often, it was only $16 for the 7 of us.

We got there early to set up and have dinner.

IMG_9904 IMG_9905

While the Dad’s were doing the work I spent a little time with Baby Boo.


The kiddos were all comfy and ready for the movie. We saw “Night at the Museum 2”. It averaged a 3 star rating on the Chaos scale of movies. I thought it was pretty cute.

IMG_9911 IMG_9917

Ham just wandered around during the movie. I don’t think he was real sure where he should sit so he just wandered.


I loved this shot of 4 kiddos kickin’ back.


By the time the movie was over it was pretty late and we were tired from a long day, but that didn’t stop us girlies from taking a quick SPT.


On Sunday we went over to celebrate Grandpa Larry’s 60th birthday. I had my camera with me, but didn’t take any pictures. It is so frustrating when I do that.

Monday was Memorial Day and we took the kids and went to the cemetery.

IMG_9943 IMG_9924

We went and put flags on my uncle’s grave.


I talked to the boyz about the sacrifice people make to fight for our freedom. Those that don’t come home from war and those that come home but are never the same. I think my uncle qualifies for the second category.

We walked around the cemetery and visited the graves of family members. It is pretty sobering to see the graves of my Mom and my brother, of Grandmas and Aunts and Uncles, cousins and other family members. There are so many that my kids don’t know and I have the responsibility to make them still be a part of their lives. I am glad that I gave my girls my Mom’s name as their middle name so they have that very real connection to her.

After the cemetery we made an impromptu stop to see Grandpa Larry and Grandma Jo. We stop by for quick visits and they always last longer than we plan. This one was a quick one…we only stayed 2 hours.

Then Monday evening we did the required burgers on the grill. The real fun was turning the hose on and getting on the trampoline…again no pictures. UGH!

Now we are ready for the last few days of school and getting ready to go to our summer home. Okay so I am going to visit my sister, but since I plan on spending a long time up there this summer I am going to refer to it as my summer home.

So if I have to do another Casa de Chaos update next week you know why.


  1. I love Drive-Ins

    Your summer home is ready for you!

    and thank you for sharing the stories with your children.
    They will always be thankful for you doing that.

    See you in a couple of days!

  2. You DID manage to pack an awful lot into one weekend.

    I'm hoping we have a better drive in experience this year than we have in years past. Did you know there are only like 300 of them left in the US? And that's an old stat. Drive ins are dying out so it's great to take the kids while you can.

  3. Busy week!!
    I love the title "Casa de Chaos", that would make a great blog name.
    My hunny and I did the drive-in for Wolverine. It was ok, but I decided the drive-in is best suited for kid flicks, and not big money, major special effects films.

  4. sounds like a busy weekend, i think i broke a sweat just reading this. i do that with my camera too.

  5. Enjoyed reading your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your drive-in photos.
    I remember well our sons were little and we pile them into the station wagon.
    No drive ins in our area anymore.
    Miss that.
    God bless

  6. I thought I was the only one on a blog vacation.. Drive safe & have a blast. I am so jealous of you getting out of this heat!

  7. We haven't been to the drive-in in forever either! In fact, the last time was when we lived in UT.