Friday Night at Casa de Chaos

The boyz playing Wii.
Girlies sleeping sweetly....unfortunately they are in my bed.
Ham hangin' with George.
And Big Daddy and I sitting right next to each other, him on the desktop and me on the laptop, both goofing off on facebook commenting on each others status....we really are goobers.
How exciting was your Friday night?
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  1. I wish I was there...
    I HATE always being home ALONE!

  2. Sounds like the perfect night to me!

    Luvpilot was flying around somewhere. The boys were playing video games, and I was catching up on two episodes of Lost.

  3. Too cute! So you are in a running club now? Wow I am so inpressed... You go girl. I am not real sure what time the party will be. 12-2 pm or 10-12? What do you think?

  4. I feel I must clear the air.....I am not, nor will I ever be in a running club. Big J is in his school's running club!

  5. i love that you do that w/ your hubby. . . we do too. We watch a movie and are both on comps. I am also chuckling that my little boys' pics are there on your facebook wall--;0) Thanks for the sweet comment!

    Last night I took pics at a church get together. . . and he came too leaving our kids with a sitter.

  6. Our Friday night was about the same...we're goobers too!

  7. Sounds like what happy couples w/ kids do! you little goobers!

  8. mr. incredible and I do the same exact thing! i love FB