Thursday's Child -- Late Night Edition

Tonight was Roo's 1st grade musical performance. Our school's music teacher really enjoys the musicals and goes all out. The 1st graders did:
"Welcome to our Neighborhood"
based on Mr Rodger's Neighborhood
We had King Friday and Queen Tuesday. I think her name was Queen Tuesday.
And the Trolley.

Roo is my shy child...painfully shy...like her Mom (no really I am). I watch her when we are around people she doesn't know and watch her anxiety level get higher and higher and I really feel sad for her. I want her to be sure of herself and learn how to interact with people as a child and not struggle with shyness as an adult...like her Mom (no I really do). She is getting better and once she gets to know you....watch out!

But when she gets up on stage she is in her own little world and is an awesome little performer and doesn't have a shy bone in her body.

Bravo Roo Bravo

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  1. She is so beautiful.
    I love "Roo" with all of my heart!

  2. What a cutie. And a fun idea for a program. I was always a shy child. I had to force myself out of it when I was a teen, but I still tend to hold back sometimes.

  3. She's so cute. As long as you don't make a big deal of it around her, I bet she'll do just fine. :o) Looks like a really fun program.

  4. She is adorable!

    I was shy as a child too and even until early adulthood. She'll develop into her own. It's a process for some.

  5. So sweet--that's a wonderful gift for her to have a mother that loves her and wants the best for you. Since I know you IRL it's fun to know the little things about you that I would have never guessed--like you being shy. I have so admired you over the years for your ability to make everyone feel warm and welcome. You've always been that way for me. Thx

  6. That's so cute. She's a closet broadway star!

  7. Way to go Roo! You are one Amazing little girl. And adorable I must add...
    I have always been shy too, but a lot of ppl don't realize my anxiety. But put me up in front of ppl & I feel like a complete idiot..
    How do you make heart shape pizza dough?
    Sorry you have to go to a funeral tomorrow. That's a bummer.
    I miss ya & we need to get together. Seriously!
    Can you guys come over for a little b-day party for Charly Wed? Not a big deal. Juat would love to see you