If Pickles Is Here It Must Be Christmas

We have an elf that lives with us during Christmas. His name is Pickles. We woke up this morning and found him on our tree ready for fun.


Pickles is a little mischievous. While everyone is sleeping he likes to play tricks and in the morning we never know where we might find him. But if the kids have been really naughty - not that my kids are ever naughty - he just stays on the tree. And if someone has gone above and beyond and has been really good sometimes they might wake up and find Pickles on their bedside table or somewhere close by.

On the morning of Christmas Eve Pickles disappears only to come back later that night with a gift for the kidlets that they can open that night.

Here are the kidlets with Pickles on Christmas Eve of last year.


IMG_2803 IMG_2800 IMG_2802 IMG_2801 IMG_2806

We spent Christmas with my sister last year and even her son Josh got his picture with Pickles.



  1. Yea! I was wondering if Pickles was there yet!
    Happy, Happy!!!

  2. Great tradition and I am sure fun memories of your kids and pickles. I am still in denial that it is the time of year for pickles to be here. Way to go in already having your Christmas Decor up.

  3. that is such a cute tradition! I love it!

  4. What a fun tradition to do.. I love him. ok- so my tree is up with lights but no decorations yet.. UGh! Can I say I am so craving Dr. Pepper again. Big time... Still fighting the blues. Maybe it's dr. pepper related!

  5. hey, i like that tradition of pickles!!! he is a cutie too!

  6. I love this tradition. Too bad my kids are too old to start this tradition.

  7. Pickles is cute! And your kids are too shabby either!

  8. What a cute, fun tradition! I love it. A great way,perhaps to remind the kids to be extra nice this time of year.

  9. He is so cute. I love the name! It's a great tradition. It's funny the things we look forward to each year.