Weekend Wrap-up

Here is my weekend in a nutshell:

  • Went to Costco on Friday. Mainly to get the free cookbook they put out every year but you can only get it on the weekend after Thanksgiving.
  • Spent Saturday morning with the kidlets at the park. Actually 3 different parks. First one was a nice park with a huge dog park. It had a small playground with swings but there was dog poop all over. How gross is that? Then we went for a walk and found a little private park and played there for a little while. The kidlets got a little nervous that we were playing at a private park so we left. Then we headed over to a park that we really like with a ton of wide open spaces for the kidlets to run so we played there. I had a hard time trying to herd LaLa and Ham and keep up with the bigger kids so it didn't take too long for me to be done with the park.
  • Watched Big Daddy put up our Christmas lights. Well I did have to climb the ladder once to hand something up to him so I guess I did help!
  • Went out to dinner with Big Daddy and no kidlets.
  • Ironed the girls new Christmas dressed for Church today.
  • Ended up staying home from Church.
  • Put away the rest of Thanksgiving decor.
  • Hung out in my sweats and read.

Now I am ready to take on the week.


  1. I really want a hang out in my sweats and reading day!

  2. I hope the week brings you peace! You stayed home from church today, how come?

  3. Sounds a lot like my day! I had grand intentions but I'm still in my sweats. I think everyone's still recovering from Thanksgiving!

  4. busy, busy, busy!! I get tired of the parks pretty quick myself. The kids could play for hours, but I'm usually done before a half hour has passed.

  5. what a great weekend?
    I want a cookbook!