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From Lelly - i don't want spt to add to the chaos. quite the opposite - i hope to continue to enjoy it throughout the holidays. to be able to find those moments throughout the season where i choose to be still. the challenge for us this month will hopefully give us an excuse to remember to care for ourselves while we are busy creating amazing holiday memories for all. take deep breaths. channel your chi. don't sacrifice the small, still moments. enjoy them! and photograph them!

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enjoy the season!

I LOVE the Christmas season.

I love the decorations, the time with family, the get-togethers with friends, the shopping, the treats, the cards in the mail, the giving, the wonder in the eyes of little ones and not-so-little ones, the mystery and surprise of the visit by a jolly ol' elf, the joy, and the birth of a Babe in a manger that we celebrate - ALL of it.

The reason I LOVE it is because of one person - my Mom.

She had an amazing talent at bringing out the magic of Christmas, and because of her and her love of the season, the magic continues in my home at Christmas.


This is a picture of my Mom, my nephew Josh and me making candy at Christmastime in the 80's.


  1. oh, so eighties!! i love the sentiment, too! :o)

  2. I love that you love Christmas. So many people get bogged down by all the to do's that they forget to enjoy it!

  3. I love the Christmas season too! The spirit is wonderful!

  4. Moms are the best. Mine made Christmas magical, too. She raised me on the idea that Christmas is for kids. What a gift of love!

  5. I never tire of looking at pictures from the eighties. How wonderful it is that you share your mothers love for the holidays. Chances are so will your children.

  6. Oh how I loved the 80's. what a great post!!

  7. Funny...I was just looking at the picture today.
    Mom really did make the holiday's special.
    and I guess as you said, she still does...
    I love you 'lene!

  8. We love Christmas here too! What a great memory that picture must bring.

  9. That is great. Decorating for Christmas is so fun. I wish I knew how to do the candy, that just adds cream on top. :-)

  10. Hi Lene! We QC Bloggers need to unite! So glad you dropped by. Christmas is my most favorite time of the year, too.
    I look forward to getting to know you better through the blog world.

  11. I love the flashback pic! What fun Christmas memories!

  12. gotta love the 80s hair!
    What a cute spt

  13. I think that is one of the things I "love" about Christmas is passing down things that I loved when I was a child and then starting new memories for mine.