There have been times that I have read blogs and thought "Wow way too much information!". Like this post from my sister.

Well today is my turn.

I really don't like shaving my legs. I only shave them when it is absolutely necessary, like before church on Sundays. Well since Conference was last weekend I didn't shave my legs on Sunday and the week before I had shaved on Thursday so I wasn't going to be bothered by doing it again so soon! And lately since it is so cool here, instead of 104 it is only 94, I have been wearing long pants instead of my usual capris. Oh and I have a fat-thigh hole in my favorite pair of capris so they are out of commission. Anywho--I haven't shaved my legs in almost 2 weeks. So today when I got dressed I couldn't figure out why my legs were so itchy. Until I figured out it they weren't just itchy - they were hairy! Really hairy! So bad that I had to stop what I was doing this afternoon and go and shave my legs.


I feel much better now!

**Can you tell by my tan line that I usually wear capris and flip-flops?**


  1. Ha ha ha! Is that why my legs are itchy today???

  2. Now you've got me curious...I need to go read your sister's post.

    Hey, I've got that same tan on my feet!

  3. LOL LOL!! I shave only when I can feel my leg hair blowing in the breeze!! Or in the winter when they catch on the inside of my pants. he he he Hairy Mary... :)

    Seriously if you need costume help, I'd love to oblige!

  4. Too funny. That is one reason I love winter. I say, hey I'm wearing pants, parka and boots who is going to know if I shaved or not! That is months not weeks! By the way, in the midwest we have farmer tans in the summer, you know when you wear short sleeves and your arm is tan from the sleeve area down but your shoulder is ghost white. What do you call feet tans? When your feet are tan from your capri's down? How about Sand toe:)

  5. You just totally crack me up! I was laughing at the thought of your hairy legs..
    I've been thinking about you today. I miss ya. Are your kids still going to the Zoo tomorrow? It's Tyler's b-day tomorrow & I am dreading it, because he wakes up at the butt crack of dawn & will be bugging me that it's his b-day. Well it's freaking Fall Break & the girls & I have been sleeping until 8:00. So the thought of having to get up & be happy & get him Breakfast in bed which is our tradition.. (Stupid tradition at the butt crack of dawn - let me just tell you)
    So if you get up early, do you wnat to come over & pretend to be his mom while I sleep?
    Oh - And he wants pop tarts for Breakfast. I don't have any freaking Pop Tarts. Now I have to go to the store when I could be blogging.
    But I live the little Runt & I guess he can have 1 day of fall break of me getting up with him. Dang it all!!!!
    Go Shave your legs - I can see the hair growing back... Your husband is probably in shock - He never knew if he was rubbing up against his own leg or yours... Ba haa haa haa.. I crack myself up.. Did I tell you I have to get up at the Crack of Freaking Dawn? If you call me - You'll hear - WHAT! before 8:00 am tomorrow....

  6. Oh my gosh! I just read your sister's post---that was SO hysterically funny. I had tears running down my cheeks. THanks for the link.

    I am the same way with shaving. I hate to do it, either Jon rubs his hand down my let and acts like he's been cut, or my pants rubbing against the hairs really starts to hurt before I'll usually shave my legs.

  7. Practice with Karo syrup first. First take some brown makeup, buy a really cheap african american base, really dark.. cover the face. take black eyeliner and draw dog features and blacken around the eyes avoid the sockets.then with a qtip apply lines of syrup/spirit gum in a sunburst type pattern from the center features of the face to the hairline and under the chin and jaw to the neck. take a thin strip of lambs wool and press it into the adhesive work it into the hair. hair spray the wool in the hair. the lambs wool isnt reusable so buy enough to practice and enough for the costume day. send pictures. I promise it is soooo easy..

    Ok...here you and I split hairs, heeehehheee
    no really
    I shave my legs every time I shower. I can't stand even the though of nubbies...except around my knees. WHat is it about shaving the knees that is so darn hard???

  9. PS Love the tan line.
    My feet have the criss crosses all over from the sandles I got just before I came to visit, yea CUTE!

  10. This is tooo funny! I noticed yesterday that my legs were a little extra hairy. It must of been the change in Sunday's schedual. Conference was wonderful though! Hair, and all! :)

  11. Just Be Quiet!! It wasn't too bad, he woke me up at 6:45 am.. But I didn't go to sleep until 1:00 am.
    I just read Janeice's post. I don't know how I missed that one...
    I was cracking up. You know when she passes away at 95 yrs old you can read that in rememberance of her & everyone can have a good laugh...
    I love it & I love her sense of humor... She better not delete it. It is so worth putting in her journal.

  12. Hilarious - both this and your sister's. I love TMI posts, they're the best! If I didn't have to worry about my 12 year old son deciding to read my blog, I'd share a lot more than I do. I have to say that it drives me crazy not to shave my legs. I have to do it every day.

  13. Oh my gosh, you're just as funny as your sis. You two are a hoot! Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. I love your sister. She is such a sweetheart.