I Will Miss This?!?

Yesterday we were able to go see our niece Baby Boo blessed.

Baby Blessing 055 

Baby Blessing 066

As I was holding her something happened that has never happened before. I realized that I could hold a baby and not want another one for our family. This is a big deal for me. Of course I have had my tubes tied and Big Daddy has had the 'Big V', so there wasn't the chance we were going to have more kids, but I had never felt like our family was complete and every time I saw a baby I thought we needed to add to our family. I even brought up adoption. I have been known to cry at a newborn passing by me at Target. It was really bad. But I finally realized I am done. I have my family.

I will miss sweet newborn cries. I will miss sitting up in the middle of the night feeding a little one and enjoying the peace and quiet, just the two of us. I will miss having a little one fall asleep on my shoulder and feel that final total relaxation of sleep. I will miss getting to pick out clothes for my kids and making sure they all match (I know it is a sickness). I will miss getting to have snacks at church and saying they are for the babies. I will miss getting to sneak into bedrooms at night and kissing sweet sleeping kidlets. I will miss little ones wanting to hold my hand and not being embarrassed to hug me in front of other people. These things are happening too soon and it makes me sad.

On Sunday morning at Conference President Thomas S. Monson said, "If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the tiny fingerprints that show up on almost every newly cleaned surface, the toys scattered about the house, the piles and piles of laundry to be tackled will disappear all too soon and that you will—to your surprise—miss them profoundly."

But there are some things I don't and will not miss. I will not miss changing diapers. I don't miss formula and look forward to not needing bottles. I can't wait to not be in a panic over a lost suckie (pacifier). I won't miss lifting and carrying another human being. I won't miss the screaming and crying for no reason - and don't remind me that I have to deal with that with pre-teen girls, because when they cry there is ALWAYS a reason. I won't miss not having a stroller in the back of the ol'burban. And I won't miss carseats.

Ham had spilled a bottle in his carseat and it was starting to smell pretty funky. So today when Big Daddy took the suburban to work so he could get the oil changed and get it washed (Thanks Big Daddy) it was the perfect time to pull out the carseat and booster seats and clean them.

Here is Ham's funky smelling carseat:


I think the milk that had been spilled was the least of our worries. This is what I found when I took the cover off:


I actually threw up in my mouth a little when I started cleaning it up.


How disgusting is that?


I don't know how Mr Moon is still smiling.


BTW - There will be no more granola bars in our suburban. I always thought Ham liked them. Apparently he just liked crumbling them and stuffing them down in his carseat.

I am pretty sure I won't miss that!


  1. yea...I don't hink he was eating the granola bars.
    I am sure holding that new baby and still feeling complete was awesome...wait until you are my age, and you crave the thought of grandbabies...and you have NO control of that.
    Love ya

  2. I love this post--you put into words what I often feel. Nice to get to know you a little bit. Kaylynn

  3. Oh Yummy! I just washed Allie's seat too...
    I held the baby that was with us on the walk yesterday for a minute & thought oh he's so cute & maybe I could handle another baby.. But then I thought - Um NO I could handle one if I HAD to but I DON"T Want too...
    It was great to give him back to his mom or to get out of her car & go home & not have one at home...
    I think I am going to call the DR tomorrow to check on the Hysterecompy...

  4. This was good for me to read. My uterus used to pull everytime I heard a newborn cry. I go back and forth between wanting another one, and not. Another one for me would most likely mean adoption (since my pregnancies are hard), and I seriously consider it all the time. But I also seriously consider all that goes with that, and I'm not sure I could handle it.

  5. that car seat has me cracking up. ours have never looked like that!! LOL :o) hey, maybe they were just trying to get a start on their own year's supply!

    I totally agree with your thoughts on things to miss and NOT miss. I loved Pres. Monson's words, too...

  6. That is so funny!

    I watch my niece ocassionaly and her car seat totally grossed me out. My daughter mentioned the yucky carseat to my sister. I was so embarrased. Well the next time she came over, she had a new carseat. Kids say the darndest things...

    I think it is okay to feel like you're done, there is a tremendous lift when that finally settles I think.