Halloween Crafting

I have been doing a little Halloween crafting.

I started out with these:


Then did this:


Added a little of this:


Put them together like this:


And now have this:


I know a lot of people have done different versions of the same thing. I was going to do all black & white, but decided to add the orange polka dot paper as the background to match the other Halloween decorations I have.

Like my Halloween banner that I ordered from emmie cakes:


She has some really cute banners. I already have my kit for Thanksgiving.

Plus my little tin buckets from Target $1 spot:


I got the vinyl letters for them from Lauralee.

I have another project that I really need to get working on since I only 2 weeks until Halloween.

And speaking of Halloween. In the mail yesterday was the sweetest Good Mail package from Linda.


It had been one of those days that a little Good Mail made all the difference in the world. Thank you so much Linda!


  1. Those are way cute! And I love that you added the color to them instead of just black and white!

  2. lene those are so cute!!
    Thanks for the details of the frames!

  3. ahhh you are so creative....that is really really cute....what do you have up your sleeve for Christmas. Inquiring minds would like to know...


  4. So cute!! Love those framed words. Love the colored paper.
    Man, I need to be a little more creative!

  5. Your Boo sign turned out adorable. Isn't it fun to see how everybody is taking the same idea yet making it so personal!

  6. Cute! Don't you love being crafty?

  7. You are just too cute! I love all this. You are so crafty.
    Hope your night got better.
    I want you to know how much I TRuLY APPRECIATED your family coming today. I almost started crying when I saw you. You bring your whole family to come & support my son. A lot of my own family didn't even bother to come. I was so hurt about my brothers & nephews just don't care one bit about me & my family. No phone call - to him to say Hey Good decision buddy! From their cousins. - Nothing!
    But there you are - my blogging buddy there for me & my family. I just wanted to cry. It meant the world to me.
    You are such a TRUE Friend & I know we have a very strong bond together. It's like we've always been friends. And I feel like we just connect somehow with each other.
    Thank you-Thank you for beign there. You absolutely made my day.
    I'm sorry your day got hard. We gotta get you out to have some time way for a couple hours...

  8. some really cute stuff you go goin on there lene! instead of packing them up in your garage, just ship it all to me for next year :)

  9. I saw your comment on missys.. so I had to check out your blog again.. don't you love emmiecakes? oh my goodness. so cute and fun.. she is my sister's neighbor in utah.. I met her this summer, right before she started her emmiecakes blog.. love her stuff.
    love your boo and buckets.. way cute!