The First Day of School - Part 2

Today LaLa started pre-school.


I wasn't planning on putting her in pre-school quite this early, but with all of the therapists we have coming in and out of our house with Ham they suggested I have her evaluated for her speech. She isn't delayed in her speech. Trust me she more than willing to tell you what she is thinking. Her problem is an articulation problem. We joke that she speaks Korean most of the time, and we don't. I am pretty sure I would get frustrated and scream and hit if every time I said something I heard "What?" or "I am sorry I didn't understand you" or "You want to dress up like a hippopotamus for Halloween?". When really she wants to dress up like a princess. Hippopotamus. Princess. Yeah they sound alike. Not.


So today I dropped my baby off at preschool in the loving care of Miss N.


She had a good day and even brought home her first craft project.



  1. It sounds like she had a GREAT first day! Such a milestone for you Lene, having 4 of your kids in school. Enjoy some of the free time (if there is any!), you deserve it.

  2. Oh, She looks so darn cute and the shoes...oh yea baby those are POWER shoes!
    She looks like she had a great time!
    Love ya LaLa! Keep having fun!

  3. The shoes are her 'parkly ones. How can you not wear your 'parkly shoes the first day of school?

  4. Oh She's just too cute. Did you cry? Did you even get to have time to realize you missed her?
    K- So I haven't been to Sonic for a Dr. Pepper for about 4 days maybe 5. But I've had Diet coke & a can of Dr pepper...
    Why- Oh Why does it have to be so addicting? Why could I drive there now & get one & drool at the taste..
    Did I tell you I still don't have a talk planned for Tyler's baptism Sat. I keep thinking maybe if I deny that I have to talk, they'll forget!
    Are you guys gonna come? None of my freaking family are coming. Ok my parents & my neice. Wonderful!
    What do you do?

  5. :o) she too stinkin cute...I can tell with her hands on her hips and her 'parkly shoes that she will be running the place by the end of the week - watch out Miss N, LaLa is in the house!

  6. She is sooo cute..LOVE LOVE LOVE those Ruby red shoes. I wish I had some as red is my favorite color!!


  7. She's adorable!! My son was speech delayed AND had articulation problems - he's just fine now. LOVE the princess shoes - I want some!

  8. cute, cute, cute. Hope she's loving it. My Haley also had speech problems. I can totally relate to the "Korean language"! I enrolled her in the schools speech therapy class the year before she started kindergarten. She's doing so much better now.

  9. what a doll face! i think preschool is harder on parents the first time than it is for the kids..