To Sleep Perchance To ....Eat

Have you ever had one of those morning that you wake up and you are so hungry? And you walk in the kitchen and see some bananas and decided that if you don't have a banana RIGHT NOW you might just DIE? But then you decide that you really are more tired than hungry and decide to go back to bed?

Well LaLa has.




Isn't that one of the nastiest looking bananas you have ever seen? It didn't look that way when it left the kitchen - I swear.

On a bright note, if I ever need to describe the color of the wall in my girlies bedroom now I know - banana yellow!

And yes that is a *&$%@ pacifier in her mouth! and yes she is 3 years old! and yes she probably will be taking it with her to college! Thank you very much!


  1. That is just too funny! Allie had a pacifier at 3 yrs old too. And I made a dentist appointment at Dr. Johnsons & they talked to her & told her they would send her a surprise in the mail if she stopped sucking on it. That she was a big girl. So that very day she stopped & we called them after about 5 days of not having it & they sent her 2 movie tickets in the mail. They knew she liked Hannah Montana so much so they said go see the movie on us!!! It was a life saver for me... Because all the bribing in the world from me didn't help.

  2. too funny. Yeah, I think bananas don't look too great after maybe 5 minutes of sitting out. (I'm not crazy about their taste after that much time either.)
    I love the idea above on the binky. may be worth a shot?

  3. Just let it go, It will all work out OK!

  4. This is how Jennifer and Daryl (daughter/son in law) got rid of the paccie for Owen. They took him to Build a Bear and buried the paccie inside a bear. It worked!