SPT - Bloggy Inspiration


From Lelly, "your challenge is to highlight one thing per week that you have been inspired to do "because of a blogger." maybe it is a blogger you know (an old friend, a neighbor). maybe it is a blogger who is on your RSS feed. or maybe your creativity was sparked by a "drive-by" - a link to a link to a link. (wherever you found your inspiration, please try to give a nod to the appropriate blogger.)"

  • September 2 - home decor/tabletop

  • September 9 - entertaining/parties

  • September - 16 arts and crafts

  • September 23 - in the kitchen

  • September 30 - personal growth

Being the cyber-stalker that I am I have found a lot of crafty blogs with wonderful ideas and then I don't usually follow through and create the cute things I see.

Mique has her 30 handmade days. I am so glad she has added more than just her 30 days before Christmas. Lots of great ideas here.

And because of Lauralee I have these:


I also like to visit Jessi at Jump up and down. She has the cutest idea for a fishing set. One day Ham will be able to go fishing - maybe?!?



  1. Those mailboxes are so cute. I love them. And the fishing set is adorable. I am sure Ham would love them.
    BTW, I used a bunch of pictures from my photoshop on the chore chart. My husband can't understand why I just don't use power point. I am sure you could find similar pictures on power point. But you use what you are comfortable with, right?

  2. Those mailboxes are darling! Great job! I too, see a lot of great crafty things out there that I don't follow through with, but the thought counts right!

  3. You are so darn talented too!
    How is your banner for Halloween coming?
    I can't wait to see pictures of it.
    Love you and miss you

  4. I love Mique's 30 days too! She's the best

  5. I love the mailboxes.. they make my mind wonder about what other fun uses you could come up with for them. Great job!

  6. What precious mailboxes! I would love to have some for my family to exchange little love notes. So fun.