Help - I Am Being Held Hostage By Autism

This is a email I sent to my friend this morning:

Hey there,

About lunch today - I think I am going to have to postpone. You probably think I am a real flake, but really I'm not - I promise.

Ham has been throwing up this morning. It isn't a big deal that he is throwing up, but now I am dealing with full blown autistic breakdown. He just has no way of dealing with something as different and scary to him as throwing up. So I have the head-banging, crying, clinging, dragging his forehead on the floor, freaking out if I am not touching him meltdown. I just don't see how I can take him out and stress him out like that. I am really having a hard time dealing with this whole autistic crap. Just when I think I can handle things we get thrown under the bus - AGAIN.

Help - I am being held hostage by autism.


Thanks for the Dr Pepper Bren! It helped me make it through the day.


  1. Awh! God bless you! I can't even imagine what a struggle that must be! Bless his heart, I hope he feels better tomorrow.

  2. Thank God you are there for him. Remember tomorrow is another day, hopefully everyone will feel better!

  3. Oh I wanna cry for both of you. Just remember, tomorrow's a brand new day with a fresh new start...and a little Dr. Pepper sure helps too!

  4. Oh Lene...
    I am so sorry.
    I hope Ham is feeling better tomorrow. I am grateful you have Bren there to help out!
    Love you and miss you

  5. Sorry Charly tried to help you with your Dr. Pepper. And I didn't want to walk through your house cleaning up any mess my girls made.Thought that might seem nosy. So I am really sorry if they trashed anything!

  6. I'm sorry it was a tougher day than usual. I know with the struggles you face each day that tough days are more than stressful! I hope that things are calmer at your house this morning.