SPT - Bloggy Inspiration

From Lelly, "your challenge is to highlight one thing per week that you have been inspired to do "because of a blogger." maybe it is a blogger you know (an old friend, a neighbor). maybe it is a blogger who is on your RSS feed. or maybe your creativity was sparked by a "drive-by" - a link to a link to a link. (wherever you found your inspiration, please try to give a nod to the appropriate blogger.)"

  • September 2 - home decor/tabletop
  • September 9 - entertaining/parties
  • September - 16 arts and crafts
  • September 23 - in the kitchen
  • September 30 - personal growth

Amy over at Angry Chicken kept posting about this book and since I never learned how to make bread and I love bread - a lot - I thought I would get the book and give it a try.


You can read about it here.



  1. Man- Would you just stop being Perfect for one Minute & let me feel like I can catch up...
    :) :) :)
    When do you have time to do all this?

  2. I find the time while I neglect my children :P

  3. i have never been good at bread - i'll have to check this out.

    "i find the time while i neglect my children..." priceless!

  4. Thanks for the tip. I so want to become a master bread maker.

  5. I love bread too, especially that kind of bread. I love it, but never want to put the time into making it. Good for you.