Calamari Anyone?

When I was a freshman in high school I had the privilege of dissecting a frog. My first and only experience of cutting up and examining a animal. I didn't enjoy it - at all. I knew that my future didn't include the medical field.

Big J is in the 5th grade and today he got to dissect a squid. In 5th grade?!?


I don't know how much he enjoyed himself at the time, but looking back he said it was "Awesome!"


The smell was overwhelming. And it was hot. Not a good mixture.


After they were done they were able to use the squid ink to write their name.


Notice Einstein right next to him wanting to get in on the action.

In December he will get to dissect a shark!?!


  1. Way to go BIG J!
    E you look like you really want to stick your finger in the ink too!
    Love you guys

    PS I dissected a frog in HS...oh and a COW EYEBALL but that was 7th grade...'lene do you remember that???
    I could tell your kids a really gross story about you and wanting to eat it!

  2. Now that sounds like fun. Wow they are all decked out & totally into it..
    My son hasn't done anything fun like that yet.