SPT - Bloggy Inspiration


From Lelly, "your challenge is to highlight one thing per week that you have been inspired to do "because of a blogger." maybe it is a blogger you know (an old friend, a neighbor). maybe it is a blogger who is on your RSS feed. or maybe your creativity was sparked by a "drive-by" - a link to a link to a link. (wherever you found your inspiration, please try to give a nod to the appropriate blogger.)"

  • September 2 - home decor/tabletop

  • September 9 - entertaining/parties

  • September - 16 arts and crafts

  • September 23 - in the kitchen

  • September 30 - personal growth

I have been inspired by NieNie for a lot of reasons. She did a post right before the plane crash where she threw a party celebrating the first day of school for her 2 oldest children. And in true Stephanie fashion it looked amazing. She made these incredible crowns for her daughters.

IMG_1090 IMG_1091

I have decided that more parties definitely need crowns involved - especially if they look as good as Stephanie's!


Ham agrees!



  1. Typical boy use of something to go on your head- it must be there like a shield to protect you! LOL. Love the pictures. And I agree- more crowns, more games, more fun!

  2. I love the idea of a first day of school party. I'll have to try to do one next year.

    Cute pics!

  3. I would love to wear a crown more often!

  4. i agree - there is definitely not enough crown wearing goin' on!

  5. Oh to be so talented! Those crowns Nie Nie made are adorable.

    Lovin' the picture of your little guy...now talk about adorable!

    I haven't done my SPT. I need to get crackin'.

  6. Cute! Definitely a fine idea. We could all use a tiara to remind us of our divine birthright. I also love the back to school party idea. I just might use it next year.

  7. hhheeee, that is so darn cute!!
    I love your haircut, and I am so glad to see you blogging again. I missed seeing pictures of you guys!
    Love ya

  8. I think Ham looks so stinkin Cute! And so do you... We should wear crowns everyday & practice our wave too! Wouldn't that be fun. Walking around Costco with our crowns & everyone that looks at us give them the beauty queen wave!

  9. I was so inspired by NieNie's back to school dinner too. And I so agree with the crown theory! I plan to wear one all day on my
    40th b-day next year. Fabulous!

  10. You look really great in a crown. I would wear it everyday if I were you.