Who Is Training Who?

So LaLa turned 3 in May and has no interest whatsoever in being potty trained. I on the other hand am very interested in her being potty trained. She is nothing like my other kids. She is very strong-willed and knows what she does and doesn't want - and right now she doesn't want to be potty trained. Today I put her in underwear and about every 20 minutes I asked her if she needed to go potty. The answer was always 'No'. This afternoon I was sitting quietly reading and LaLa came up to me with her big blue eyes and asked me sweetly if I needed to go potty. No sweetheart, I am good, thanks.


***She did really good today until this afternoon. She was watching the kids play on the computer and pee'd on my bedroom floor. Why can't they be on the tile when they do that?!?***


  1. Oh it sounds like Allie at that age too... She actually pee'd in the backyard yesterday, pooped a little in her pants today & stuck her underwear in the toilet & carried them through the house to show me...
    At least LaLa is just too cute! I love that she asked you if you had to go.
    And I would feel guilty if I brought my girls to get the praying mantis for them to kill after playing with it..
    Thanks for thinking of us though.

  2. Cute smile. Love how she asked you if you needed to go. Yeah it never fails, carpet over tile every time.

  3. I am in the same boat, except he wont go poo in the toilet. He has been able to climb up, stradle and pee in the toilet for so long that it is {like you say} his strong will that prevents him from doing the doo-doo in the to-to... I too and interested in any help or advice!

  4. Oh lene,
    It is so good to see you blogging, maybe you really are feeling better!
    Tell LaLa, Aunt Niece loves her and when she gets "soggy" in the potty I want her to call me and tell me.
    She does have a strong will that if for sure. Julie, my daycare angel potty trained Kira and Derek, I will ask her how she got Kira to go...talk about strong willed! LaLa and Kira are pretty much fro the same mold!
    Love you!