Did you watch?

My favorite parts:



And this made me cry:

Yao Ming and Lin Hao

So how much do you plan to watch the next 17 days?



  1. a lot, possibly too much? especially since I don't usually watch much T.V. TiVo might save us.

  2. lots. I love the olympics. My fave's are swimming, diving and gymnastics-not necessarily in that order.
    I was just scrolling through your blog. I love the pay it forward give-away idea. I think that would be so fun to do. I think i see my next give-away in the works.

  3. you are correct, the last photo made me cry as well. It was so cute. But with modern technology, we KNOW the results before it hits prime time. I guess it's like wanting to know your Christmas present before Christmas. We weren't home friday night to watch the opening, but I was able to catch it saturday morning before I left. Ray watched it a lot on saturday. He was into the hand ball event. One of my favorite athlete is Dora Torres. What an inspiration for all of us. Here she is 41 yrs old and the OLDEST competitor for the USA. She could be their mother!!!! She has won a silver already. Go U S A!!!!


  4. You are not going to believe this, but I got "distracted" and did not see Yao Ming or the lighting of the torch! But, I have been watching a lot of it!
    Love you

  5. We didn't see a lot of the ceremony. We were on a date.. But we have been watching every night.
    I love that picture. It is just too precious.