Wouldn't You Like To Be A Pepper Too

I have a real problem with caffeine. As in I can't get enough of it. Sonic is my weakness. Dr Pepper, vanilla and Sonic's awesome ice. My mouth waters as I think about it.

I have quit drinking soda in the past, but it never lasts. I have tried cutting back and that works for a very short time and I am back to drinking Dr Pepper - a lot of Dr Pepper. I really enjoy it. I know my waistline would benefit from me stopping. The other day I realized that this is a real problem when Big J asked if he could have a Dr Pepper and I told him no it was bad for him. What a hypocrite.

The problem with stopping is that I don't really want to. I like the taste.

The other day my sister and I stopped and grabbed a couple of sodas after going to Costco. Me a vanilla Dr Pepper and she a diet Coke with fresh lemon and lime. Yummy.

Here is Aunt Niece introducing Ham to the awesome Sonic ice:


In case you were wondering Ham very rarely wears pants. As many diapers as I change everyday I just can't be bothered with putting pants on him.



He really liked it until he poured a bunch on his lap.


  1. Talk about liking soda...yep, me! I've never smoked, drank, or done any kind of drugs. A girls gotta have one vice don't you think!?!

    (I've tried the diet thing and stopping soda altogether too...it never lasts long for me either. You're just a girl after my own heart that's all!)

  2. When I am at home the closest Sonic is 40 mins away...so I will make the best at having the sonic people knowing my order before I leave :-)
    Training him right...He will never settle for "bad" ice.

  3. my favorite sonic drink is the lime/cherry aid. Mmmmmm good. Ever since Ray had his 5 bypasses 3 years ago, having a soda is a "treat". Mostly water, tea or lemonade in this household. But Ray's favorite soda is a Dr Pepper or a squirt. Ray likes limeade at Sonic.


  4. You sure a friend after my own heart... I so feel the same way about Dr. Pepper & LOVE Sonic. But just straight up Dr. Pepper... I have also given it up so many times to come running back to it. But I do not let my kids drink caffiene at all either.
    I think I had at least 4 Dr. Peppers a day on vacation. I just don't have a desire to stop drinking it.
    Dang it all - now I want Sonic!!!

  5. Bren you should have called me and I would have come and got you so we could go together!