Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Niece

Happy Birthday to you!


47 things about Niece

  1. She is the oldest child in our family (I am the youngest)
  2. She is 6 years and 8 months older than me
  3. She has 3 brothers
  4. and 1 sister
  5. She was born in Mesa AZ
  6. She has been married 27 years
  7. She got married in Spokane WA
  8. In our backyard
  9. Her and her husband were sealed in the Idaho Falls Temple
  10. They were sealed 51 weeks after they got married
  11. They had to get special permission to get sealed early
  12. She has 3 children
  13. Her oldest son served a mission in Cleveland Ohio
  14. Her daughter is serving a mission in Salta Argentina and today is her half-way mark
  15. Her youngest son is serving in Indianapolis, Indiana
  16. She has a dog named Itsy
  17. Itsy is a Chihuahua
  18. Itsy poops in my house every time they visit
  19. She has always had pets. I can only remember them not having a pet when they were first married
  20. They had a goat for awhile
  21. She lives in Idaho
  22. Her backyard is the Snake River
  23. She wants to be buried in her backyard
  24. She is fascinated with cemeteries
  25. To the point of being almost freaky
  26. She has a lot of pictures of headstones of people she doesn't know
  27. She does genealogy
  28. She has taken over the role of Grandma for my kiddos
  29. They love her - A LOT
  30. She is a wonderful Aunt
  31. She had her first heart attack when she was 42
  32. She has had more than one
  33. She has a defibrillator/pacemaker
  34. Her pancreas was damaged when she had her first heart attack
  35. She is a diabetic
  36. She doesn't have her spleen
  37. or her gall bladder
  38. or her uterus
  39. She had a hysterectomy when she was 28
  40. She LOVES lemons
  41. She likes to drink Diet Coke with fresh lemon and lime
  42. She REALLY loves lemons
  43. She likes to stay up late
  44. Really late - to the point of being early
  45. Since she stays up late she likes to sleep in
  46. I am her favorite sister
  47. I love her alot!

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