Fat Butt Friday

Ok I will admit it Fat Butt Friday got a little off track the month of February. How can you lose weight with Turtle Cheesecake, Valentine Brownies, leftover Valentine candy that didn't get handed out at school, Chocolate Mousse Cake from AJ's, Blue & Gold cakes and more Dr Pepper than one person should ever consume.
Oh and the fact that I didn't get off my Fat Butt and exercise!
This time I am really serious!
(I hope)


  1. I don't know..chasing 5 kids is more exercises than I do in ...ever!
    Miss you!
    love Niece

  2. You are tooo toooo funny!!! We all have bad days - - - er, weeks. :) And like your sis said. . . 5 kids? UG!

  3. you are so funny...so here I am eating yogurt, a banana and I just took the dog for a walk....Brrrrr it's cold out there...It sure looks like fun out your way, jumping on the trampoline...