Thursday's Child

Ok...so Mom's don't know everything!
Remember Big J's class project that I thought was a bust because the plants didn't grow?
It was chosen to be in the Science Fair for his school. There were 9 - 4th grade projects and 9 - 5th grade projects chosen. He was 1 of 3 from his class.
I am so proud of him for sticking by his guns and not listening to me.
I mean really --what do Moms know anyway?
Quick update: There are now plants growing in all but one of the cups. I think we needed a little more time and a lot less water!


  1. That's awesome! I'm sure he'll do great!!!
    We are starting Kylee's project this weekend. Where did you get the display board? Michael's didn't have them or they were out both times I went.

  2. Way to go J!
    I see your mom's help in your project!

    You both did a great job.
    Love ya
    Aunt Niece