10 Unique Things About Big J

  1. He can recite the alphabet backwards.
  2. He is a blue belt in Karate.
  3. He likes snakes.
  4. He wants to be an Engineer when he grows up. (like his Big Daddy)
  5. He REALLY likes Math.
  6. He is the oldest grandchild on Big Daddy's side of the family.
  7. He is freaky good at Guitar Hero III. (he has started playing it behind his back)
  8. He is into 80's rock.
  9. He is the only one with blond hair in our family.
  10. He is a totally awesome kid and his Mom loves him a ton!


  1. Happy Birthday Bud!
    Your aunt Niece loves you so much.
    I can't believe you are already 10 years old.
    Uncle Bruce just loved on you and Aubrey they day you were blessed.
    We were so glad we could be there from Idaho on such a special day.
    I can't believe that it has already been 2 years since your baptism...that was a great day too!
    You will find that when you are busy with the church and things that you should be doing you will find that your days will be amazing!
    I love you with all my heart
    Aunt Niece

  2. He is such a fun kid! We really enjoyed hanging out with you guys!! He's really growing up!!

  3. How was the birthday party!
    I thought about you all evening.