Happy Birthday Big J!

Wow 10 years go by in a blink of an eye!

  • Big J's actual due date was the 11th of March
  • I was admitted to the hospital on the morning of 16th of March to be induced
  • Big J didn't arrive until the 18th late at night
  • my Doctor was on vacation that week
  • We watched alot of Jerry Springer those couple of days (I blame it on the drugs)
  • a C-section after a couple of days of labor is hard to recover from
  • the Dr who performed the C-section was Dr Seymann (great name for an OB)
  • Big J weighed 9 lb 1 oz
  • He was beautiful!
  • We got home from the hospital on the 21st
  • Big J and his cousin were blessed on the 22nd
  • We did it at home since I wasn't ready to go anywhere
  • She was almost 4 months old and only out-weighed Big J by a pound or two.

Check out those glasses and all of that hair. Crazy.

Oh and the babies are cute too :P

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  1. Happy birthday to the big guy! I can't believe he's 10!!
    Love the glasses and hair! I have a few like those too! :)