One Down, One To Go

Here is one of the completed craft projects:

I haven't decided where I am going to display them. The Kidlets were all excited when the flags were up and they thought they had mail. They weren't real happy with Mom when I told them there really wasn't anything in them and they could not untie the bows -- YET!

Thanks to Lauralee at Writing on the Wall for the idea and the letters. Check out her blog at: http://writingonthewall-lauralee.blogspot.com/

She has some really cute things there.


  1. Cute cute cute!! What are you going to put in them?!? Candy? Gifts? Certificates? Let us know where you end up displaying them and take pics!!

  2. those are really. You are really creative.

    judy gordon-Illinois cousin

  3. they look great! thanks for sharing.. and ordering! love that gift from your sister.. that is beautiful!

  4. The writingonthewall site is really cute with great ideas!! Best of luck to her.