Happy Birthday to Me!

I have a birthday coming up next month -- actually it is a BIRTHDAY. It is one of the big ones that ends in a "0". Well today the Fedex man showed up at my house with this:

It is my birthday gift from my sister. Thank you Niece! It is really beautiful. I am really impressed - this is two years in a row that you have been way early with the gifts.

My Mom had some beautiful tureens that I love, but they are being held hostage right now by my evil step-mother; just kidding, ok really I'm not. One day I hope to put this one on display with the others.


  1. what a nice sister.Happy Birthday! beautiful gift.

    judy g

  2. you are so funny.
    I am so glad you like it
    and this is even better than the "hostage ones" because it is all YOURS!
    I love you

  3. Beautiful! Happy early birthday!