march 2014 update

We had quite a few changes at Casa de Chaos in March.
We started the month with two small additions…
Meet Cookie and Candie!
They are a pair of chihuahua sisters. They are tiny, but boy are puppies a lot of work…just ask Einstein. They are technically his puppies, but we have all had a part in spoiling them. Okay maybe I’m the main spoiler.
This is Cookie.
And this is Candie.
This girlie is turning into quite the fun shopping buddy.
I don’t think I ever post specifically about us moving, but last October we moved down the street. We now live in a lovely little cud-de-sac…well actually it’s the coolest cud-de-sac EVER.
How do I know this?
Because we have cud-de-sac movies…
The best EVER!
It’s fun having more cousins living around us. This was a little get-together at Poppa Willie’s house…
Of course it had to include a fire.
The main highlight of March--
The Man-Child turned 16!
Which involved a little trip to the DMV…okay it may have involved two trips to the DMV.
As he was waiting in line to take his driving test some other parent made the remark about the kid “brave enough to take his driving test in a suburban” and he didn’t mean it as a compliment. I just sat there and thought “Oh trust me guy, my silly kid in the suburban will drive circles around your little girl in her volkswagon”. I’m pretty tough…in my head.
He did a great job on his driving test…in fact he got a perfect score.
Now he has this…
It didn’t take too long for this to happen…
Oh the freedom a drivers license brings.
Another change that comes from turning sixteen is becoming a Priest.
I wish I had taken a picture of the group of men that helped set him apart as a Priest. He was, and is, surrounded by great men.
That Sacrament takes on a new meaning when you listen as your child gives the prayer.
The Man-Child isn’t the only one that’s has some excitement…
Einstein waited 22 months for this day.
It was amazing how fast they get those things off.
I love his handsome smile.
And I love that the orthodontist hooked him up with all the candy he wasn’t supposed to eat while he had braces.
Some of it wasn’t gluten-free so I had to eat it to save his life.
It’s all about sacrifices.
What a difference 22 months makes…
And I’m not just talking about his teeth!
So that was the highlights of March that I hadn’t shared already.
Stay tuned for more…


  1. Those are some very cute puppies!
    I bet they are well loved.

    Great looking children. Nice looking smile.

  2. You made me feel better that I havent blogged about Derek and Denise's wedding yet. Love you

  3. Thanks for the update.. I always enjoy reading about your family.....