april 2014 update

I posted a few things from April, but I thought I would go back and highlight a few things I missed…
The first weekend in April is General Conference. It is a wonderful weekend to be spiritually fed, but it’s also a weekend that we get to enjoy church in our pajamas.
We also started a rule about no electronics…not even for scriptures. It really makes a difference in our house while Conference is on.
But it is kinda distracting sitting next to this joker while trying to listen and learn…
After Conference we decided a little fresh air would be fun. So we loaded up and headed to Fountain Hills…because they have a fountain.
A really big fountain.
And who can be completely serious when there is a big fountain behind you?
Not Roo…
Or Einstein…
Or even Candie…
I know, I know.
More Fountain Hills fun.
As April went by the puppies started showing more of their personalities…
Which may have ended with more kennel time for them.
I love sitting down in the evening a reading. Since the Little’s had to read every evening for school soon it became a family affair.
Oh how I love these kids of mine…
The puppies weren’t completely naughty…
for maybe a minute.
It still odd to not be in the driver seat any more.
It’s even more odd that he’s in the driver’ seat.
I am serious…best cul-de-sac EVER!
April ended with a AZ Diamondback’s date night…and they actually won! Woo Hoo!
Watch out…May’s update is coming soon!

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