Woo Hoo! I’m almost all caught up!
July started with these 3 getting to go to the Gilbert Temple to do Baptisms.
It’s pretty neat to see your children go off together to the Temple.
It did take awhile to get a good picture of the 3 of them that I could actually post…
It’s summer in AZ…
The dust. Most evenings we get dust. On a lucky evening we may get a few drops of rain with the dust. On a rare night we get lightening and torrential rain.
We could use less dust and more rain.
We had the most laid-back 4th of July evah…and it was delightful.
We had all sorts of plans, but we just ended up hanging out together. We played a few games. There may have been coloring with crayons involved. Burgers were grilled.
But after dark we got crazy…
Yep…we are seriously out of control crazy.
As soon as the 4th of July weekend was over our summer break kind of ends. Drumline camp started bright and early for these guys.
We also had our air conditioner go out twice this summer.
It was only the unit that cools the downstairs. At least our bedrooms stayed nice and cool.
The kitchen and living areas on the other hand were kind of unbearable.
It may have resulted in not cooking…and consuming ice cream for dinner.
It’s nutritious…right?
And BOOM…just like that you are all up-to-date on the Chaos.

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