craft camp

All the kids had camps or other activities going on the summer…except LaLa.
Then a friend announced she was going to have a Craft Camp at her house every week.
So I quickly signed LaLa up and she’s had a fun summer of craftiness.
The first week they decorated water bottles.
Have you heard that when you have a cute water bottle you will drink more water? LaLa definitely agrees.

The second week they made these cute chalkboards with magnets.
Perfect for this girlie who likes to leave notes every where.

The 3rd week they decorated flip-flops.
So cute.

The 4th week they made decoupage letters.
I still need to get it hung up…

The 5th week the decorated picture frames with glitter…
Lots of glitter.

And finally on the 6th week they made these sparkly necklaces.

They were all pretty simple craft projects and she had so much fun.

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