we’ve got spirit…times two

It was the last school week before spring break so of course that means Spirit Week for the Babies and Roo. Our jr. high is boring and doesn’t ever do spirit week. Boo. And the Man-Child didn’t mention anything so I am assuming the high school didn’t have it either (or maybe he is afraid to tell me?!?).

Monday was Sports Day for LaLa and Ham…and since we aren’t really sporty people I was glad we had a few things handed-down to us that we could use.

For LaLa’s hair I did a zigzag part and braided braids into more braids. Kinda sporty, right?

For Roo it was Twin Day and she and a couple of friends planned their matching outfits.

Tuesday was supposed to be Backwards Day, but there was some miscommunication at the school and the kidlets thought it was Silly Sock Day.

LaLa totally embraced wearing silly socks.

And matched the rest of the clothes to her socks.

Since it was sock day I thought I would do a Sock Bun for her hair. I’m not sure if it’s my lack of skills or her crazy over-abundance of hair, but the sock bun was just huge and wasn’t so great looking. Good thing I’m pretty good at rope twist buns.

And Hammie’s crazy sock?

That was just a little out of his comfort zone and he stuck with regular socks. Which is kind of ironic since most of the time he wears mismatched socks anyways.

It was Disney Day for Roo.

Since there was a miscommunication on Tuesday they combined Backwards Day and Crazy Sock day on Wednesday…and Hammie choose to do both!

I think it helped to see other kids dressed up the day before.

The funny thing…I didn’t think about how they were dressed and ran a few errands with them after school…still wearing crazy socks and backwards clothes.

Roo’s school went PC and instead of calling it Nerd Day they called Goofy or MisMatched Day.

She didn’t mind how her clothes looked, but wasn’t a real fan of the hair and bows I wanted to use.

So she this is how she really felt, but was still a good sport.

Thursday was Western Day for the Babies and bandanas and cowboy hats did the trick.

I didn’t take a picture of LaLa’s hair because it was just two plain braids.

Roo’s school had Occupation Day. I told her I would have worn yoga or pajama pants and told everyone she was a stay-at-home Mom. Ha! She didn’t think that was funny, so she went as a Business Woman.

When she got home she said everyone thought she was Amelia Earhart.

And Friday, as usual, was Spirit Day for both schools. Easy peasy…

Since Friday was the last day of the quarter that meant a morning of Award Assemblies for me.

Hammie’s was first where he got Student of the Month.

And a Music Award.

I think he may have been more excited about the music award…

LaLa’s assembly was next and she earned Principal’s Honor Roll.

She was pretty upset on Monday when she didn’t get called for Principal’s Honor Roll, but was very happy when they did the party with the principal she found out that she had actually earned it.

After that I headed over to Roo’s school for her assembly and somehow got seated at the wrong table…with a bunch of students. Wow…just wow!

Roo got Perfect Attendance this quarter.

I’m always a bit surprised when my kids get that and feel like I’ve kind of failed as a Mom if they actually went to school every day!

She also earned Honor Roll this quarter.

Roo is in the gifted program at her school that consists of a 5th grade class and a 6th grade class that works together. In the 6th grade class there are 28 kids…and there are only 8 girls (and 2 of them are actually 5th graders).

Needless to say they are very good friends.

I didn’t want to completely leave the Boyz out of this post since they both had band concerts this last week.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Percussionist should get to be at the front of the band in at least one concert each year!

And now everyone is home from school and it’s officially Spring Break!

Two weeks of no alarms and just hanging out together…


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