all together

A couple of weeks ago Niece and her family made the trek through snowy winter weather to spend a little time with our family.

Originally they planned on coming on the 3rd of February but plans changed and they got here on the 1st of February.

It ended up being the perfect timing for an impromptu Superbowl party. It was a true house divided with fans for both teams. At some point the game was a little one-sided, and by one-sided I mean boring. It made me laugh when I looked around and realized everyone with a small screen was staring at it and ignoring the football game.

I’m not sure what made me more happy; the Seahawks winning or my sister being here.

Okay I do know…  Well, it was the first time the Seahawks had won. Ha!

We tried to get a normal sibling picture that night…and normal is just too dang hard.

As great as the Superbowl was, the real reason Niece and her family came to visit is because Elder Angle returned from his 2 year mission  in Virginia for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
It’s so great to have him home!

During that week was Big Daddy’s birthday and I got exactly ZERO pictures. Doh…

On the 7th of February Big Daddy and I went to the funeral of a dear friend of mine. She was a sweet, little lady that I served with in the library at church for a few years. She loved blingy jewelry, high heels and red lipstick. I can’t even tell you how ecstatic it made me when I saw her bright red casket!
photo (11)
After the funeral Big Daddy and I decided that we could use a little comfort from Pete…at Pete’s Fish and Chips. What are the chances that Niece and Kira would be there at the same time?
Great minds really do think alike!

That day also happened to be The American Heart Association “Go Red” Day.
The girlies and I always make it a point to wear red on this day.

It made it even more fun to have all 7 girlies in Red!
(sorry that your eyes are closed Roo, but at least YaYa is kind of looking at the direction of the camera in this picture)

And I loved that I was able to “Go Red” with my favorite sister!

Niece found the most awesome shirt at Target for the day. It says “I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve”

But technically her heart was tossed in the trash a few years ago so she wears someone else’s heart on her sleeve…Creepy

That night was also LaLa’s Daddy Daughter Dance at school.
daddy daugher 2014
Yes, it was a crazy busy couple weeks.

While Niece was here I had the “opportunity” to drive Kira’s Ford Flex (it was just easier than moving car seats). It also gave me the opportunity to confirm the fact that I’m a Chevy girl all the way.

It was fun having little ones in my house again. One of the few times Kira left the girls the Man-Child was holding YaYa while Niece went to get clean clothes for her. ZZ walked in and immediately asked him “Why you get her naked?” He was speechless…which doesn’t happen very often.

While Niece was here I found a picture of another visit from 7 years ago:
They all look a little different and Niece looks a lot shorter now.

On Sunday the 9th the whole fam-damily was together for McKay’s homecoming talk in Church.

Afterwards we got pictures of everyone.

This is almost my whole family.
We are missing 4 nephews and some of their family members.
This picture is missing just 3 nephews and it would be all my Dad’s Grandbabies (with 2 bonus great-grandbabies and we are missing a few of them too)… Crazy.

My family looks small missing my Mom and Brother. Sadness…

The 9th is also Morris and ZZ’s Twinner birthday…they are not the same age.

On Monday we celebrated ZZ’s birthday so she didn’t have to share her party with Morris. And since they came all the way to AZ it just seems right that it included a little swimming at Rowland’s house.

Even with a heated pool the fire felt much better.

ZZ blowing out her 3 candles. How is she 3 already?!?

She knew that her birthday should include Uncle Morris so she sat on his lap as she opened her presents.

On Wednesday it was time for Niece and her family to pack up and leave.

It’s always sad when these girlies leave. I miss having the toddler toys and noise around.

And I really miss having my sister around…

Good thing I already have a plane ticket to go visit her in May!

The kids miss having everyone here, but they had fun putting all the extra beds away.

As I look back through this post it’s weird who and what I didn’t get pictures of. If you look closely there are pictures of Uncle Kirk and Sergio. We are glad they came and visited too.


  1. Love you Lene. Thanks for letting us crash your house.

  2. Loved all the pictures. Do not be surprised if you see some of them show up on my blog. I sure love you. Thanks for making us feel so comfortable in your home... as always. And I am totally bummed that I didn't get to ride the mattress down the stairs.

  3. How fun to be able to spend time with your family.. Looks like you all stayed very busy..