one little word - shine

As the new year starts it’s time to find a word to define my year.
I’ve said before the words I’ve used in the past have found me instead of me picking them and this year wasn’t any different.
This word kept creeping into my thoughts and I would dismiss it.
How was I supposed to make this my word?
What did it even mean?
I guess somehow I’ll figure it out, because this year I’m going to
shine verb (used without object), shone or shined, shin·ing
1. to give forth or glow with light; shed or cast light
2. to be bright with reflected light; glisten; sparkle
3. (of light) to appear brightly or strongly, especially uncomfortably so
4. to be or appear unusually animated or bright, as the eyes or face
5. to appear with brightness or clearness, as feelings


  1. Great word!! Hope you have a wonderful year Lene!

  2. Perfect word... BECAUSE it is SO, SO YOU!
    I love you and can not believe how your kids have grown. Even your blog page can't believe it!
    Happy New Year dear sister.