Merriest of Christmas

The Chaos Crew had a delightfully Merry Christmas.

These are a few of the photo highlights. I’m working on a post that covers most of December and I hope to have it up before the end of the month.

I didn’t send Christmas cards out this year…but if I had they might have looked something like this:


I did gather the kiddos and head down to the mall on the 23rd of December for Santa pictures. We made a pact that we will never speak about how long we had to stand in line…it’s embarrassing that I made them stay there as long as we did, but totally worth it because of the awesome picture.


Christmas Eve wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without Jammies.


And I almost forgot to take a picture by the glow of the Christmas tree. The kids were already in bed on Christmas Eve and I made them come back downstairs for a picture…notice that the Man-Child and Roo don’t even have their glasses on.


The things I make these poor kids do…good thing they love me!


  1. Love the sweet faces in front of the tree. It is a good thing they love you.
    Hope it was a good one.

  2. You definitely should make that last picture your Christmas card for next year, a Norman Rockwell classic.