be strong

Hammie decided that maybe our life was just a little boring and needed some excitement thrown in…

Last Saturday evening we had just finished dinner and it was just about time to start showers and all the other fun stuff to get ready for early Church the next morning. Hammie asked if he could go outside and play and started asking all the other kids if anyone else wanted to go jump on the trampoline and nobody wanted to go out with him. He went ahead and went out by himself. I saw him jumping all by himself so I went out and asked him if he was having fun. He assured me he was having fun, even if he was alone. I went back inside and when I turned around he was crumpled on the trampoline screaming. I don’t think he was having fun anymore…

Maybe it’s just me, but whenever one of my kidlets are hurt I have “The ER Debate”.

Is there really something wrong? Or is it going to be something silly and the Doctors are going to laugh after I leave?

After talking to Ham, through his tears, I realized there was really something wrong. As soon as he said he heard a POP I knew this was probably an ER worthy injury.

It’s horrible sitting with your baby while he is in pain waiting to see the doctor…even if we didn’t wait very long at all.


After the x-rays and getting him comfortably numb on morphine he was back to his happy self…on morphine. He had the BEST nurses in the ER, they were the most caring and funny guys and they were perfect for helping Hammie through this horrible night.


The Man-Child and I (and the awesome nurses) couldn’t help laughing about the Brian Regan comedy routine about the ER. If you haven’t seen it look it up. Trust me it’s worth it.

That first day home wasn’t too bad. I think he was still sailing by on the morphine from the night before. He was happy to just hang out and play on his iPod.


Soon that was gone and he and I spend a few days and night trying to keep his pain managed. It was kind of horrible.


I must admit I would get a little jealous when he would sleep during the day knowing that we would both be up most of the night struggling with pain and exhaustion.


Thank goodness for Curious George on Netflix. That silly monkey was there for us day or night.


After a few days of laying on the couch with no option of bathing I realized that pain wasn’t the only issue we were going to have.

Thankfully we have a friend that lives down the street that has her salon in her house.

You can tell by his face it felt good to finally get his hair washed.


Then we took it a step further and Becca shaved all that stinky hair off.


Thank goodness the Man-Child was willing to come and hold his leg up during his little make-over.


His hair was clean, but the rest of him is still pretty nasty…remember he was out jumping on the trampoline when this happened. He still had all the trampoline schmutz on his foot and leg. Well except for the dirt that was rubbed off his toes onto his splint.


It made sleeping a little easier without all that hair and smell.


I think Hammie might say the broken leg was worth getting his own wheels…


He is a pretty good driver for being 6.

Almost a week after his accident we finally had the visit with the orthopedic surgeon. We had spent this whole week with the fear of a possible surgery. Thankfully the doctor said that his leg looks really good…except for the broken femur and a pressure sore on his heal from the splint.


Finally that huge annoying splint was gone and he had a new snazzy cast.


This week we made another step back a normal life when he went back to school. I think he may be a bit of a celebrity in his 1st grade class.


Another step back to normal is him getting around our house with a walker. He won’t be able to use it at school, but it sure makes it easier at home. And he is pretty proud of himself.


We have another visit with the doctor next week to make sure everything is healing on track and then a few more weeks in a cast…and then Hammie will be running around better than ever!


  1. Love this little guy...you are an amazing momma too!

  2. He will be running around before you know it.. : )