the end of summer

This week really marks the end of summer for us and the start of the school year.
Monday evening was Meet the Teacher for LaLa and Ham. Our elementary school has started mixing Meet the Teacher and Curriculum Night and I am really not a fan. It doesn’t give the kidlets a chance to really meet the teacher since they are busy covering the upcoming curriculum with the parents. Luckily LaLa has a teacher that the Man-Child had as a 1st grade teacher so she is familiar to us. Hammie has the same 1st grade teacher that LaLa had a couple of years ago so he was so happy that he knew who she was.
As soon as I was done with the babies I went home to pick up Einstein for his Meet the Teacher.
The jr. high Meet the Teacher has the kids follow their schedule class by class. He has a pretty intense schedule this year and I was nervous just sitting through Meet the Teacher. Good thing he is a smart kid.
On Tuesday it was Roo and the Man-Child’s turn for Meet the Teacher.
Roo was a little nervous since she had such amazing teachers last year. Her teachers seem really nice and I think this year will be almost as good as last year. Her Meet the Teacher was by far the shortest and sweetest.
Later that evening the Man-Child and headed over to the high school. I wasn’t sure he would want his Mom coming with him, but he really wanted me to come with him…it made my Momma heart happy. He has 7 classes this year so we had quite a few teachers to meet.
That evening we made sure the backpacks and binders were all packed and ready to go.
It makes my a little sad to see their stuff all ready to go, but I am looking forward to a less frantic year with only 4 different school schedules instead of 5.
This morning started bright and early since the Man-Child has a 0-hour class that starts at 6:30pm.
LaLa and Ham were the next to leave.
Poor Hammie was having a rough time this morning. I told him I was going to miss him and he quickly offered to stay home with me. I am sure he forgot about that offer just seconds after getting to school.
Einstein was the next to leave and was more than happy to get on the bus with his friends.
Roo was the last to leave…which is good since she had a little hair drama this morning. Oy vey…
Now I can’t wait for them to get home and tell me how awesome school was…and I can get busy filling out all the stupid forms that the schools send home.

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  1. Hope they all had a wonderful first day... We still have about a month left of summer... Don't want to even think about school yet...