the end is here

Summer break is finally here!

This school year has been a little crazy juggling 4 different schools and 5 different school schedules. I look forward to next year when it’s 5 kids in 4 schools and only 4 different schedules.

The last few weeks we have crammed all sorts of school related fun into our schedule.

The middle school and the jr. high had their band concert together…which sounded like a good idea.

The concert started with a short Trash Can Band performance.

It’s fun watching these kids let loose and make some serious noise.

After the TCB the middle school band performed. If you look really close you can see Roo standing way back there in front of the gong.

Then the intermediate band from the jr high performed.

And finally the Symphonic Band from the jr high hit the stage. There is Einstein way in the back.

The downside to having a family of percussionist…they are always in the very back of the stage.

With both schools performing it ended up being almost a 2 hour concert…which is waaaaay too long if your name is Mom Ham.

Here are 2 of my cutie percussionist.

The next week started with the Man-Child’s high school Concert Band performance.

The end of the year concert always ends with the orchestra joining the band for a full orchestra performance and they really are amazing.

A few days later the band joined the orchestra for their concert. We skipped that concert since it conflicted with LaLa’s Star Student award night.

This is a picture of all the people that show up at the Town Council meeting for the Star Student night…I told you it was a big deal for our little town.

Then this last week of school has been all sorts of crazy.

I totally spaced taking treats into LaLa’s class for her birthday so I did that on Monday. I love this shot of her class singing “Happy Birthday” to her…with the cha-cha-chas and everything.

On Tuesday Big Daddy celebrated our wedding anniversary by going to Ham’s Kindergarten Graduation. I started crying before the performance even began because 1) I won’t have another child in kindergarten…ever and 2) I'm a crier.


My baby isn’t a baby anymore.


Mrs. N is an amazing teacher and she has had all 5 kidlets in her Kindergarten class. That’s a lot of Chaos for the last 9 years.


It’s amazing how much the kidlets have changed and she still looks the same.

The next day Roo, LaLa and Ham all had award assemblies at the same time. I hate choosing which one I’m going to go to, but I choose Roo’s since both of her teachers are moving on and won’t be teaching at her school anymore.

I love these teachers so much. Mrs. R taught Einstein when he was in 6th grade and made such an impact on both kidlets. Mr. R has only been at our school for a year and is getting ready to move overseas to teach. Roo had a teacher a few years ago that made her question her math ability and Mr. R was able to get Roo past that block and give her the confidence she needed to do outstanding in math. It makes me sad that we are loosing 2 fanfeakingtastic teachers.

Then today Einstein had an award assembly and he didn’t know he was getting an award. A teacher called me a few days ago and invited us to attend, but not tell Einstein. They really keep the surprise going by hiding the parents until the assembly started. The 7th grade teachers at his school all get together and choose a student that best represents the 6 Character Traits and Einstein won the Most Trustworthy 7th grade student.

He is such an awesome kid and is growing up too quickly.

And after that Summer Break is finally here!

This last year marked my first high school kidlet and my last kindergartener. We had teachers that we loved…and one or two that caused way too much contention in my family. I’m glad that we got through the year with only minimal trauma.



And now we all get to enjoy our summer break…


Even the Man-Child…



  1. WOW...that is crazy how quick this year has gone. I love your kids... I hope they know I will always be their "Nanna-Niece".

  2. I'm really sad Mr. R. and Mrs. R. are moving on. Really sad. I don't deal well with change these days.

    1. I know Tammy. It makes it more difficult since they were such awesome teachers. Poor Mrs. R she was a wreck on Thursday.

    2. I will never, ever, EVER forget these kids! (I was a wreck today, too!!)

  3. wow you have been busy this last few weeks.. Now you can just relax and enjoy the summer....