Here are a few random Instagram pictures from this week.


I posted a “Throwback Thursday” picture of the kidlets from Roo’s Kindergarten Graduation.


This was only 5 years ago. I really need the growing-up process to slow down.


I made little end-of-the-year gifts for Hammie’s class.


I joked on Instagram about me being awesome because I did this.

I am in no way awesome because I tied little cards on bubbles to give to his class.

I am awesome, just not because of this.


I live in the desert.


I don’t think he belongs in the desert.


I was at the Dollar Store and saw these bubbles.


One of Ham’s therapist always had these in her bag. It brought back all the memories of the challenges and the therapy and how far we have really come with this little boy.

They also reminded me of when we were trying to teach him to blow bubbles and he would touch the bubble wand with his lips and then when he would talk he would blow the most incredible bubbles from his mouth.


This girlie…



I was so glad to have all my babies home from school knowing that for the next 2 months they are mine.


And it’s hard to get a selfie of 6 people y’all.


The alarms are off.


And yet I still woke up at 5am this morning.


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