spirit week times two

Last week was Spirit Week for our elementary school and middle school.

Roo is getting old enough were she wants to have fun with Spirit Week…as long as she doesn’t look too silly.

LaLa is 100% in with dressing up.

Ham struggles with wanting to dress up, but it goes against every fiber of his being to stand-out.


Monday for LaLa and Ham was our all time favorite day: Nerd Day.

Ham wore argyle and plaid…that completely matched. We were able to get him to wear socks that clashed.

LaLa didn’t need any help or coaxing to find her clothes.

We went pretty simple with LaLa’s hair and finally a crooked part was a good thing.

For Roo it was Twin Day and she didn’t dress up.


On Tuesday it was Ugly Shirt and Tie Day for the babies.

Hammie grabbed one of his favorite shirts and I found a tie that completely clashed. He was pretty uncomfortable and about 2 seconds before we headed out the door he had a breakdown and ended up leaving the tie at home.

LaLa found a scarf in my closet and I tied it in a BIG 80’s bow tie.

For her hair we did a simple pony with a bow that matched the scarf.

It was Disney Day at the middle school and Roo wore a Tinkerbell shirt…and I didn’t get a picture.


Wednesday was Pajama Day for LaLa and Ham.

This might be a VERY close 2nd to Nerd Day as our favorite.

For LaLa’s hair we did a zigzag part with high ponies.

And it’s very unusual for Ham’s hair to take to longest to get ready, but it took literally hours to get his “Bed-head” look.

On Wednesday it was 80’s Day for Roo.

WooHoo I LOOOOOVE the 80’s!

I grabbed the crimper and had fun! Roo wasn’t quite as excited as me. She didn’t want her bangs very big…What? And I kept adding hair spray to get the back really poofy and she didn’t want that…WHAT?

We finally compromised and she looked totally gnarly…Dude.


On Thursday both schools had Western Day. (How convenient that our local rodeo was starting this weekend)

What else do you do for Western day than plaid shirts and bandanas.

For LaLa’s hair we did simple french braids and combined them at the bottom. That’s why there is that odd little bump in her braid, I wasn’t planning on putting them together.

Judging by the curls popping all over Hammie’s head it is time for a haircut.

Roo took a more modern take on western…but still had the bandana thing going on.

She looks so grown up in this picture.


Friday was Spirit Day for both schools.

Since all the kidlets have gone to the same elementary school we have quite the collection of shirts for the kidlets to choose from.

Roo added her own style to her “Wildcat” shirt. I wish you could see her pants better…they are leopard print.


I ended my week at an award assembly for LaLa.

She got Student of the Month.

And even more exciting for her…she FINALLY was given a PE award.


Now we are starting our two week Spring Break.

Woo Hoo!


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  1. We got spirit yes we do, we got spirit How about YOU???
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    Enjoy your Spring Break.