safe & sound

This post is possibly one of the most enjoyable updates I have ever blogged about in a long time…

Tuesday morning, Big Daddy began another little journey:


He was lucky enough to be flying standby on a buddy pass (that cost a third of the ticket price) to San Diego, CA to finally go and retrieve my subooboo.

His next step was to hop in a taxi and get a ride over to the transmission shop near Mission Bay.  When he arrived, the mechanic wasn’t ready with the paperwork…it had only been 10 days, after all). Big Daddy took the subooboo for a test drive and she was riding nice and smooooth.

Once he finally signed all the paperwork and gave them all the freakin’ ransom money, he wasn’t in a huge hurry to turn around and drive right back home.  So, he headed down to Seaport Village and grabbed some lunch and walked around for a little while.  After a short stop in lovely “El Cajon” for gas and snacks, he was on the road again.

There were a lot of miles covered in one day, thank goodness half of them were in a plane.


I was so excited that night when I saw who was finally back home…I was glad to see Big Daddy home safe too.


I hope with all the work she has had done lately that I can get another 100,000 miles out of her.


  1. I hate car problems so bad! Glad they both made it home.

  2. So glad you SUV is home.. ; )

  3. car trouble stink! (my car died this week)

  4. YEA!!! Glad they are both home safe and sound.
    Now she will be healthy enough for a July trip.

  5. I've never heard "lovely" and "El Cajon" used in the same sentence! Hahaha!

  6. Well at least we all know where your priorities are.

    Glad the love of your life is home safely.
    And your honey boo too.

  7. Love it! So glad you got your car back. My family was hit from behind in December and it totaled our car. We have all missed it. I can totally relate to you being happy to get your car back!