Insta-Friday 11.16.2012


Hmmm…So I missed another Friday last week.

Here’s a little bit of what has been going on the last 2 weeks.



Einstein has the best science teacher. She makes science fun for these kids and then emails the pictures to the parents so we can see the experiments they are doing in class.



I want this cat’s life…without the grooming myself with my tongue.



A little OPI fun.

This is Suzi Says Feng Shui with a little Nicki Minaj Save Me.



The pool is closed up for the year. Sadness.



I voted.

I was hoping that once the election was over the name calling and fighting would stop. Boy was I wrong.


Things aren’t crazy enough at out house so we decided to add a couple new family members.


Needless to say Maggie isn’t real impressed with the love Minnie is trying to share.



Meet Grant.

He lasted 32 hours.

RIP Grant



On Veteran’s day I had the joy of driving the Boyz around to pick up the scout flags.

It’s was a very entertaining 45 minutes.



I saw this little guy at Target.

I think I’m in love!



I had a little more OPI fun this week.

This is San Tan-tonio with a couple of coats of The Living Daylights.



Big Daddy showed up with these yesterday.

I’m not sure if I love him more, or if I’m angry at him.



The Man-Child tried to drown his sorrow over the loss of Grant by replacing him with Gollum and Smeagol.

Smeagol is the one with the gold dot on his head.

Gollum lasted 66 hours.

Smeagol lasted 102 hours and met an untimely end this evening when the Man-Child was cleaning his bowl…in the sink with the garbage disposal.

In case you are keeping score, we have killed 3 fish in one week.

I don’t think fish are a good match for our family.





  1. Great week I see... I am surprised with all the fish catastrophies that none were caused by a cat!

  2. great photos.....
    I think i may have to try the gingerbread Oreo.

  3. Those kitty pictures are too cute.

    Love the nail color!