Hair’s to Today

Today was a quick and easy hair-do day, and versatile enough to do on both girlies.

I found the inspiration on Cute Girls Hairstyles.

I made a small change and twisted the ends together.

I secured the bobby pins where the two twists meet on LaLa.

I should have taken a little extra time to straighten the rest of LaLa’s hair, but it still looks cute.


I did it just a little different on Roo.

Since I had to worry about ends of Roo’s bangs sticking out in her twists I put her bobby pins a little further back

and hid them under her hair.

Here’s a better view of how it looks.

I didn’t need to worry about using the straightener on Roo.


Two cute Girlies and two different looks.


  1. HOW do you find the time to accomplish this business in the mornings. For Heavens sake I can barely get my kids out the door and we're talking Kindegarten here. Oh, and only one girl, and seriously.....I'm impressed. Well, I'm always impressed with your aweomse hair dos. Even if I DID have time, or made time, Maggie wouldn't let me try it anyway. So, alas, she goes with sometimes straightened hair, but mostly just barely brushed and looking bedraggled. Meh, what can ya do?

  2. Cute! Will you do my hair for me?