Insta-Friday 10.19.2012


Super short picture post today…


We stopped for lunch at Wendy’s in Payson after our trip the the Tonto Natural Bridge.


It’s usually a safe gluten-free choice for fast food. Of course trying to get a normal picture is a little difficult.



Monday was back to school.

And the first day back is hard y’all…especially if you’re are a freshman.

I wasn’t sure if Man-Child was going to have enough energy to get out of the Suburban or if I was going to have to carry him in the house.


According to my Girlies it’s FREEZING in the mornings.


ummm…well we do living in Arizona.


LaLa is uber-obsessed with Full House since discovering it on Nick-at-Nite.

At dinner she proceeded to make Uncle Jesse finger puppets using Brussels sprouts for the hair.


I didn’t mind her playing with her food since she ate more Brussels sprouts that night than she had ever eaten before.


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