Hair’s to Today

I had to share a cute hair-do we did on LaLa this week.
We have been doing ponytail after ponytail after ponytail.
I don’t know if LaLa was getting bored with the plain ponytails, but I was.
So I decided to jazz it up a little bit.
I parted off a square on the top of her head and then divided that into 3 equal sections.
Then did a simple twist with each section of hair.
I used an elastic on each twist to hold it.
Then did a simple ponytail and brought the twists back in the ponytail.
After each of the twists were secured in the ponytail I took the elastics out.
The finishing touches:
a little bow from All Things Ribbon and glitter spray on each of the twist.
It kind of looks like dandruff in the picture, but it’s just a little glitter.
Because every day can use a little glitter spray.
That just might be my new motto for life.

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