Insta-Friday 10.12.2012

It seems that I have been neglecting the bloggity-blog again, but with good reason. We are winding down our 2 week fall break and I have been spending time with my kidlets. I’m going to miss them terribly when they all go back to school on Monday.
Fall break started with the traditional family-room-sleepovers. It still makes me laugh that most of the kidlets would rather sleep on the floor or the couches than in their beds. Silly.
I was bound and determined to have a relaxing, no stress break. I let them keep the blankets out all day and night for almost the whole fall break…even if it was driving me crazy.
What would fall break be without a trampoline, a hose and a silly boy?
One thing that didn’t stop during our time off from school  was Marching Band.
The Man-Child had his first marching band competition.
You can tell we are new to this whole competition thing…I forgot my camera.
Thank goodness for my iPhone
He is the bass drum at the far right.
They didn’t do very well at their first competition, but did better at the competition the following weekend..
I did something that I haven’t done in over 25 years…
I went to a high school football game.
Of course I wasn’t there for the football.
Even if we live on the edge of a BIG city, it was fun to get the small town feeling of high school football. And it’s even more fun because our team is undefeated so far this year. Go Dawgs!
The second week of our break included more time together since marching band was over for the week.
I think the other kids missed having the Man-Child around all the time.
I took the kidlets with me one day to run errands. 1 mom, 5 kiddos and 4 places to go.
One stop was Costco.
I think we broke a rule while we were there. I only purchased 1 thing for less than $20!
Who ever gets out of Costco for less than $20?!?
The family-room sleepovers had to come to an end at some point.
When I went in to wake the girlies the next morning, Mollie gave me a dirty look that said, “Just let us sleep Lady!”
So I did.
Big Daddy got a new Home Teaching companion.
With kidlets home all the time there was A LOT of snacking.
Roo was begging to make Ants on a Log, but I wasn’t excited for the clean-up that I knew I would have to do after.
But behold my BRILLIANCE…
Celery, peanut butter, A ZIPLOC BAGGIE and raisins.
So easy. So fast. So not messy.
The week ended with some nail fun.
I really love me some Instagram.

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