Out of the Mouth of Babes…Labor Day Edition

When I picked Ham up from school on Friday he was a little sad that there wasn’t going to be school today.
He asked why we call it Labor Day and before I could go into my I-get-to-teach-my-kidlet-something-new mode he said,
“We should just call it Lazy Day. We don’t go to school and Dad doesn’t go to work so we can just hang out and be lazy!”
He’s a pretty bright kidlet.
We have enjoyed our “Lazy” Day with a little visit to Poppa Willie (who isn’t recovering from his knee replacement surgery as well as we would like), some swimming in the pool. and burgers on the grill pan (since we ran out of propane as soon as Big Daddy lit the grill).
Happy Labor Day to you…and hopefully maybe a little Lazy Day too.


  1. He is so darn smart!
    Glad you got to hang out with dad. He had to call and tell me how awesome your kids are.

  2. We had a great Lazy day, sounds like your family did too.....

  3. Lazy Day -- exactly! I didn't even do any shopping. Shocking!

    My MIL has had a really rough time with her knee replacement. It's almost been a year and she's still not good and in pain. She's only 62, so we thought it would be a breeze, but she's wishing she would've have never had it done. Now we're wondering about the doctor that did it...