It would really be nice if life would slow down a little…

It’s been 3 weeks since my last Insta-Friday post.


I had been foolishly trying to grow my hair out and finally came to my senses and chopped it off again.


I feel so much better with short hair.


The Man-Child is gone ALOT with marching band, but when he’s home there is usually music coming from his room.



I was able to go on a fieldtrip with Roo’s class. The gifted program at her school is pretty amazing and I had a fun time spending the day with her and some of the girls from her class.


We went to the Arizona Science Center and even there she was drawn to a drum. This particular drum played by the beat of her heart.



It’s well known that I have a little issue with OPI polish. Lately I have been wearing mostly glitter polish on my toes. The upside is that it’s sparkly. The downside is that it’s quite a process taking it off.


It involves a few cotton balls, acetone polish remover, tin foil and patience.


Ham feel asleep in Church again.


And I’m going to document it every week.


He must be taking lessons from these two.



My sister Niece made a last minute decision to take a road-trip to come see me…well there were other things too, but mostly to come see me.

We tried to take a picture of the 2 of us and got photo-bombed by her daughter Kira.



They brought Miss Hazel too.


I think she is going to be a blogger some day.


It was fun having a toddler around and I kind of enjoyed her little toddler tornado of toys around the house.


My house was very quiet yesterday without them here.


Today LaLa and Ham’s school had a celebration day for ranking as an Excelling School in an “A” ranked district.


All of the kids in the school got a new t-shirt. I’m not sure if Ham was more excited about the shirt, or getting to change his clothes at school.

It really is the little things in life that should make us happy.


My day ended on a less-than-stellar note. I got not one, but two phone calls from two nurses at two different schools.

The Man-Child did “Something” to his finger. He said it didn’t hurt and it was more important to play in the band tonight than to go get it checked out. The trainer taped him up and I see a visit to Urgent Care in my future.


Then Roo got hit in the mouth in a freak water-bottle accident leaving her with blood all over and a cut in her gum and a fat lip.


School is rough Y’all.


As I finished this post I realized I didn’t have any pictures of Einstein…and he was fine with that.


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  1. Those are some great pictures!
    I need to get into instagram more.
    I just don't do it well.

    Looks like life is busy.

  2. I'm glad Connor was not involved with the fat lip making.

    And we didn't even see that drum. I told Connor we need to go back over Fall Break and do the planetarium and all the things we missed.